Independents concur. "With over twenty years of experience in construction and maintenance of power producing facilities as a construction manager, I have a very good perspective as to what it takes to build and maintain a facility.

​The one item that makes wind power more costly than other types of systems (fossil and hydro) is the high cost of maintenance. Moving components that are costly to maintain to the ground, the Airgenesis system will be competitive with fossil fuel and hydro units of the same size."

​                        Jerry D. Casteel

Revolutionary Wind Power Design Capable of 11MW Validated

​Based on potential production while targeting constant electrical output at low wind velocities where traditional designs are inoperable, Airgenesis is the ONLY wind turbine system that will pay for itself. 

​The Airgenesis design breakthrough represents 80% more efficiency than most conventional commercial systems, three times the megawatt production than current technology, increased energy to grid production reduced tonnage and stress loads atop towers and complete costs of less than $750K per megawatt along with overall reduced operational costs.

Returns on capital investment promise to be exceptional.  

The Airgenesis product is market ready for final development and manufacture.

F​indings conclude unprecedented results possible with the Airgenesis wind turbine system.

Validated 11mw wind turbine technology now available to industry for first time!

Air genesis holds 100 worldwide patents or patents pending. The groundbreaking  Airgenesis design offers a vastly-improved apparatus enabling turbi​nes to harness the power of the wind at lower cost and greater efficiency.